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Override default behavior

When the ROBIN script is loaded, it checks for the existence of a property named robin_settings on the current page (window scope). When such a property exists, its values are combined with the properties of the values that are configured in the ROBIN app. All properties that exist in the robin_settings object have a higher priority, hence the configured properties can be overruled. So, for instance it is possible to hide a tab on a specific page. The following recommended properties are supported:


PropertyDescriptionPossible values
tab_theme, mobile_tab_themeThe theme of the tab (on a mobile site)light, dark, grey, blue, red
tab_style, mobile_tab_styleThe style of the tab (on a mobile site)single-tab, channel-tab, floating-tab
tab_position, mobile_tab_positionThe position of the tab (on a mobile site)right, left, bottom-right, bottom-left
hide_tab, mobile_hide_tabIndicates whether a tab should be hidden (on a mobile site). This is a separate property and not combined with position like the ROBIN app configuration. It is possible to have a hidden tab and let the position property specify where the dialog is positioned in case it is requested manually.true, false. The default value depends on configured position.
animateTabIndicates whether the tab appears animated when appropriate.true (default), false
animatePopupsIndicates whether pro active chat (PAC) dialogs appear animated when appropriate.true (default), false
tabAnimationDelayInSecondsThe number of seconds before the tab appears, only relevant when shown animated.an integer, default is 2
tabAnimationDurationInSecondsThe number of seconds the animation of the tab lasts, only relevant when shown animated.an integer, default is 1