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Webstores that use ROBIN need to place the ROBIN script on the site(s). This is done by placing a URL on all pages the website contains. The script that needs to be placed can be obtained in ROBIN by navigating to settings / contact tab. This script is of the form:

<script src="https://selfservice.robinhq.com/external/robin/{apikey}.js" async="async"></script>


Where {apikey} is replaced by the apikey of the subscription. When this script is placed, all pages a shopper visits shows a tab. All behavior (labels, content, color and position) of the tab can be configured in the ROBIN app . However, sometimes specific functionality is required on the page. When this is the case, the ROBIN javascript API can be used. Using the API it is possible to

  • Override the default behavior on a specific page
  • Perform specific logic on events
  • Retrieve information
  • Invoke methods