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Connect ROBIN with your dynamic integration

ROBIN supports integrations with web store platforms.

An essential part of installing the dynamic integration is to configure it inside ROBIN. Below you will see how we set up your connection inside ROBIN so that all the information can be received and requested.

Setup Dynamic Link

Name: this is the name of the dynamic link. We need this name to assign the dynamic link to a web store.


Now the next part is divided into two sections. One section gives you the information to send your POSTS to, and one section is for the endpoints.

First part: POSTS

API Key: This is the API-key you need for verification.
API Secret: This is the API-Secret for verification.
Base URL: https://api.robinhq.com/

(When issueing requests to the API endpoint you have to include a Basic authentication header. The value you have to sent is a base64-encoding of APIkey:APIsecret.)

Second part: Endpoints

These are the five endpoints you need to configure.

  1. Customers — Endpoint 1
  2. Orders — Endpoint 2
  3. Order Details — Endpoint 3
  4. Search — Endpoint 4
  5. Customer lifetime — Endpoint 5


Once you’ve configured these, the dynamic integration is ready!