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Show Customer


POST https://api.robinhq.com/showcustomer

Succes message: 201 Created

Error in JSON: 400 Bad Request

Wrong authentication: 401 Invalid authorisation data


The “Show Customer” POST will open a new conversation window in ROBIN. When the user

What is essential to know:

The ShowCustomer feature is made for use in brick stores in combination with a POS system. When the customer card is scanned, the POS system will send a POST to ROBIN which will open a conversation.


Situation 1: Scan of a customer card

  "user_email_address": "user@robinhq.com",
  "customer": {
    "email_address": "customer@shop.com",
    "phone_number": "+31612345678",
    "external_identifier": "customer_1234"


After you’ve added situation 1 you are done! Did you find another usability for this feature? We would love to hear that!

Show Customer POST

user_email_addressStringYesEmail address of the ROBIN agent that will receive the notification"agent@company.com"
customerObjectYesCustomer to search. Contains an email address and a phone number. At least one of them must be provided
email_addressStringOptionalEmail address of the customer to lookup
phone_numberStringOptionalPhone number of the customer to look up."+31858770023"