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Phone (VoIP)


With ROBIN you can integrate with a phone provider. The integration will improve the user experience and provide better insights into the customer. This will be achieved by logging all calls to the right profile.

How it works

To use the integration, it’s required that an extension number be set for every user in ROBIN as explained below at “Phone settings in ROBIN”.

When a customer calls and the call is answered, the extension number from the device is compared to the extension numbers in the ROBIN settings. If there is a match between extension numbers, a conversation is started automatically and the customer information is shown to the employee in ROBIN. The employee can immediately log the call. For outbound calls, a new conversation is started with the customer information shown in the panel.

If an employee does not have ROBIN open in a browser tab, a conversation is started to make sure the employee can log the call. In this case, we make sure all phone contact is registered.

When ROBIN automatically starts a new conversation, we check if the phone number is known in ROBIN already. If this is the case, a conversation is started. If there are more than two customers with this phone number, it is placed in the search field on the dashboard and the search results will be shown.


Phone settings in ROBIN

  1. To get the most out of the integration, it is crucial that the phone numbers are registered by the international standards. This means the phone number has a country and an area code.
  2. Log in to ROBIN: https://app.robinhq.com.
  3. Go to the settings by clicking on the settings icon in the upper right.
  4. Click on the user for whom you want to set up the phone integration.
  5. Enter the extension number of the employee’s device at ‘Phone extension’.
  6. Confirm the setting by clicking on the save button.
  7. Create the integration. For more information, see below.
  8. Test the integration by calling the connected phone and answering the call with the configured employee!

Native connector

Platforms with a native Phone -> ROBIN integration:
– VoipGrid (Voys). The webhook format should look like this: https://api.robinhq.com /voip/registerevent/{apikey}&provider=voipgrid


If you don’t have a native connector, it’s possible to use the generic connector:

Generic connector

  1. Send a POST request to the ROBIN API using the following URL:

Replace {apikey} with your ROBIN API key.

  1. The data must contain the following properties:
            "Id": "24c562241e9f",
            "EventType": "Answered",
            "PhoneNumber": "+31 6 12345678",
            "PhoneExtension": "201",
            "Direction": "Inbound",
            "PhoneReferrer": "+31858770023"

Schema of Voip

IdStringYesThe unique identifier of the phone all from the VoIP provider.
EventTypeStringYesAnswered, Disconnected or Transfer"Answered"
PhoneNumber StringYesPhone number in the international standard (For example +31 6 12345678)
"+31 6 12345678"
PhoneExtensionStringYesThe extension number of the device which answers the phone call"201"
Direction StringYesInbound or outbound"Inbound"
PhoneReferrerStringNoThe phone number dialed by the customer (used to route the conversation to the correct webstore within ROBIN)"+31 85 8770023"